Building Lots Available

There are several lots available to build on in two different subdivisions.

Whistle Run Subdivision is located on State Route 426, Grahamville Street in North East Borough. Lots range in size from 1/4 acre to 7 acres, and range in price from $34,900 to $39,900.

Lots available in Whistle Run


Windswept Acres Subdivision is located on West Law Road, just west of State Route 89, in North East Township.  Windswept Acres has all utilities installed underground as well as city water and city sewer.  Lots range in size from 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre. Homes in this subdivision start at 2000 square foot and up, and range in price from $44995 to $48,995.

Lots available in Windswept Acres


As well as building in our own subdivisions, we will build on your private lot and in other subdivisions also.


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